Introduction of the Newly Released Album

Dear Friends,

The album in your hands is an unconventional one. Its uniqueness lies mostly in the fact all the aria characters that Ms Dagmar Pecková interprets on this record have one common feature. The common denominator is sin. All the arias are arias of sinful women. Each of these women has wronged someone and themselves.

The only remedy for human sin and misconduct is forgiveness. And as a psychiatrist, I can responsibly say forgiveness is the most essential remedy that can cure ill human soul as well as relationships. And through this recording we would like to transfer this strong theme to the general public.

It is important to realize many people suffer because they are not able to forgive themselves, their fellowmen, families and friends. This concentrated pain that emerges in people's souls, the feeling of being hard done by, feeling like a victim of guilt, is the cause of many human tragedies and serious health problems. We become estranged from our souls, searching for truth and satisfaction in the things around us and forgetting about what is the most important – each of us carries their greatest treasure with a divine essence inside.

This album is supposed to be about sin and forgiveness. I believe the stories of the sinful women, the music and songs the record brings, will give you all an impulse to contemplate this. And at the same time, to realize the place and significance of the symbol of forgiveness which is a healing phenomenon in itself. Both human relationships and souls need it to be healthy.

William Didden

In Paris on 6th January 2015