Sin and Forgiveness

Sin has been a part of humanity since the dawn of time, since the days of Adam who ate from Eve‘s hand the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Sin has forever been the man’s  companion, evil has been a part of our history on Earth, our myths and tales and ourselves. Man is connected to sin, in his very substance. The part of our psyche that governs most of our reactions towards others and the surroundings is called the Ego. The Ego – a psychic structure that cannot bear defeat, wants to grow constantly and be better than everything around it. Ego wants to own, to feel strong and powerful. Ego is the force behind all evil in the history of man, as a part of our psychic structure. The human history is the history of horror. All the wars since the beginning of time have been caused by the self-important human Ego, the arrogant Ego of the nations. However, at the same time, the human Ego seems to work as a kind of mental mechanism driving the progress of humanity and individuals, supporting the development of culture and science. The Ego pushes us forward. It makes us feel superior, proud; the Ego wants to own people, things and nations. I = ego. I am better, I am smarter, I am richer, I am more beautiful, I am more successful – than you!

Yet the human Ego is only a big illusion. It ceases to exist together with a human life, mostly in the moment when death is near, everything gets blurry and we‘re left with the only reality. To accept our definiteness, to accept death as the inevitability of human existence. When facing death, Ego bursts, but everything it has caused, persists.

The only way to deal with sin, pain, injustice, is to process this pain, to understand the mechanism of why people sin, why there is evil, hatred, wars. Why we, humans, are this mad, even today. Why we murder, hurt others, why we are jealous and hateful.

But all the deeds of our Ego do not go without affecting us – our organism which reacts sensitively through the perfect mechanism of our inner structures and environment, the biochemical and cellular processes. These processes mostly lead to illness, and we suffer from many serious diseases, both psychosomatic and oncological, degenerative or cardiovascular. And in this context, one must not forget the rise of psychiatric diagnoses, from depression, phobias to schizophrenia, not excluding the growing percentage of suicide. In the present situation of the world, in these very months, in the time of global terrorism and numerous war conflicts, polarization of the society, we must speak about the influence of human sin. What we experience and see around us is materialized evil. Each of us lives through their personal stories, where sin and our Ego play the main parts.

All of us have been witnessing the effects of sin that has lived in throughout the world since its beginning. The only thing that can free us from pain, hatred, the weight of our guilt or the feeling we are not loved and we are hated – is real forgiveness. Forgiveness is a special inner psychological phenomenon,  which has healing and liberating power, which can settle the outside interpersonal mechanisms but also whole nations. It is a transcendental phenomenon. Forgiveness unequivocally affects our direct inner psychic structures, let alone our physical health.

The hatred that we can feel towards others because they have hurt us – a partner might have left us, someone has not granted us something or spoke badly about us or slandered us, or maybe just took the apples from the apple tree in our garden – all of this needs to be processed and forgiven. Literally. To give completely and let it leave our lives, free ourselves from the pain whose concentration destroys everything inside and around us.

Special attention should be paid to self-forgiveness. As it is very hard to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made in the past but it is fundamental so that we can go on with the journey of our lives. Without forgiving oureslves for our mistakes and faults, our lives cannot be meaningful. Although alive, we are already dead. We need to understand our mistakes and to understand forgiving them as a kind of self-reflection that is supposed to help us grow and move on.